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October 18, 2007

New addition at Customer Street

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We have gained a new member of staff recentlyhere at Customer Street, in the shape of Lee Johnson who will be our Manager in charge of Search Engine Optimisation. He will be keeping an eye on things right across the board, from making sure our directories are at the top of Google and the other search engines, to helping the Premium Design team build our sites so they have the best possible chance of the Search Engines picking up on the content that we put in them.

Many people wont realise just what is involved in getting a site found, especially as each day goes by there are more and more sites fighting for a place in the top 20 under their relevant search term. He brings with him huge experience and you can read his blog here at the Customer Street SEO blog. It’s full of lots of useful information about how to get the best out of the web for your business. A worthy read.

Welcome and good luck, Lee.  


October 3, 2007

What does the Customer Street Design Team actually do?

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There is no point in having a blog about the Design Department if you don’t know what we do. We mainly build websites for small to medium sized businesses who are already customers of Customer Street and want to take their presence on the internet further.  Below are a few examples of the work we do:  

 T Rodgers Builders

T Rodgers Builders – Specialist Tradesmen for all Domestic & Commercial Building Works.


Caladore – Handmade Aromatherapy, Bath & Body products.

 Juices United
Juices United - High quality British made orange juicing machines. 

Wheels n Things –  The E-commerce website of Wheels n Things.

Acestyle Blinds

Acestyle Blinds – The online shopping site of Acestyle Blinds.

 Lacet House
Lacet House - Lacet House Guest House situated in Windermere, The Lake District. 
 Haulage Solutions
Haulage Solutions - Haulage Solutions UK & Europe's fast growing freight exchange
Sunagor Binoculars - The online shop of Sunagor. Specialists in Binoculars
SCW Graphic Design  - Graphic Design company in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 
 LSP Photography
LSP Photography - Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Doncaster. 
This is just a very small sample of the many websites we build on a weekly basis.

July 30, 2007

Introducing Customer Street website design

UFindUs.com has gone through some massive changes of late. The main one as far as our customers is concerned is that we are now many directories as apposed to just being one. These consist of customerstreet.com, smilelocal.com, moreuk.com, ufindus.com and over 130 speciality directories that each focus on a specific trade.

The main change internally is how we deliver the service. Six months or so ago we launched QaD (Quality and Delivery). A completely new way of dealing with support calls. Without going in to too much detail, if a customer calls us with an issue of any kind, a case will be created. That case will be owned by one person and one person only within our company.  If say, the customer calls us again to follow up on that particular issue, they will speak to same person they originally spoke to.

The QAD system also automatically sends an email or text to the customer informing of when the job will be dealt with. It does loads of other cool stuff but I feel I am waffling already. If you want to know more about it you are welcome to make a commnet on here.  Anyway, this system gives our customers the highest level of support possible. Most likely over and above anything they receive from anywhere else! We really are that confident about it.

The reason I am going on about all of this is because I volunteered (when I say volunteered I was approached because the other guys on the team suddenly seemed to be suffering from a virulent strain of shyness) to write regular blog postings on the day-to-day goings on of the Premium Design department. I intend to cover how we interact with our customers, how we deal with any issues that may arise and what new products or services we have planned for the future.

I also want to go into a bit of detail as to what we are doing to make sure our sites adhere to current Search Engine inclusion criteria as well as any other updates we feel would be handy for our customers to be made aware of.

I shall post updates here on a regular basis so please add me to your favourite RSS reader, or your browser favourites! If you want to know what’s happening in other areas of Customer Street check out these other Blogs:

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